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Charts for November 30, 2010

1 RICOCHET* Daze Away (Self-Released)
2 STATIC IN ACTION* Static in Action (Out Of Touch)
3 VARIOUS A Tribute to A Reggae Legend (Putumayo)
4 BONJAY* Broughtupsy (North Fontana)
5 THOUGHT MACHINE* Maiden Voyage (Self-Released)
6 VARIOUS* East Coast Style Roots (East Coast Music Association)
7 GREG MACPHERSON * Mr. Invitation (Smallman)
8 LA STRADA New Home (Ernest Jenning)
9 THE WASSABI COLLECTIVE* Get It (Self-Released)
10 TOMMY BABIN'S BENZENE* Your Body is Your Prison (Drip Audio)
11 BAD VIBRATIONS* Bad Vibrations (Self-Released)
12 HANNAH GEORGAS* This Is Good (Hidden Pony)
13 RADIO RADIO* Belmundo Regal (Bonsound)
14 GHOSTKEEPER* Ghostkeeper (Flemish Eye)
15 THE BLACK KEYS Brothers (Nonesuch)
16 DUM DUM GIRLS I Will Be (Sub Pop)
17 THE GERTRUDES* Dawn Time Riot (Apple Crisp)
18 CONSTRUCTION AND DESTRUCTION* Mutatis Mutandis (The Quarantine)
19 JESSICA STUART FEW* Kid Dream (Do Right! Music)
20 PATRICK MOLLOY AND THE MANIFEST* Who Will Listen? (Self-Released)
21 THE BIRTHDAY CAKES* Expansion Pack (Ladyboy)
22 CHRIS GIANNINI If It's Me (Self-Released)
23 BIRDS OF WALES* Belgravia Hotel (Sparks)
24 VARIOUS* Atlantic Standards Kitchen Party (Rhino)
25 THE OLYMPIC SYMPHONIUM* More In Sorrow Than In Anger (Forward Music Group)
26 THE BURNING HELL* This Charmed Life (Zunior)
27 XAVIER RUDD & IZINTABA Koonyum Sun (Salt X)
28 BASIA BULAT* Heart Of My Own (Secret City)
29 ALKALINE TRIO This Addiction (Epitaph)
30 THE STANCE* I Left Love Behind A Long Time Ago (Just Friends)


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